יום חמישי, 24 במאי 2012

A Movie Review from Or

Dear Hanna ,

I want to tell you about the movie: "Never Say Never".
The movie is very interesting and touching .
It is a story about Justin Bieber's life.
He was born to a poor family and he had to play the guitar on the streets
in order to earn money .
His parents got divorced, when he was 6 months old and it made his life
more difficult.
When he was just a kid, he had a dream to be a famous singer and it came true.
We learn from Justin Bieber's life that if you have a dream you have to do everything to made it come true if you BELIEVE in it !!
I recommend you to watch this movie !!
Enjoy it J
Yours ,
                                                                                                                             Or J   

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